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mpoland33July 3, 2013


1.I bought raspberry plants from Depot last year and I really never paid attention to what kind of raspberry plant I bought. Now I'm into it and have no clue. The plant produced few raspberries last year. I trimmed them back. This year it's producing quite a bit. Any way to tell what kind I have?

2. Any way to get a fall crop out of this?

3. I have a HORRIBLE Japanese beetle problem. They started about two weeks ago and last night, I literally couldn't see half of the bushes anymore. I did the ole soap in bucket trick and got rid of a majority of them...but I assume more will come. Any tips?


Anyone recommend any books or reading on raspberries?


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cablestarman(NE OH 6a)

Is it possible for you to take a picture of it? What color is the fruit? It is possible to get 2 crops out of it if it is a fall-bearing or everbearing variety. Im lucky this year, just a few Japanese beatles so far. Removal by hand is the best way in my opinion, whatever you do, DO NOT USE JAPANESE BEATLE TRAPS. Good book I read was Berries (Firefly Gardener's Guide) - has all the berries in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Berries (Firefly Gardener's Guide) [Paperback]

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Brushing the Japanese beetles into a bucket of warm soapy water is fast and effective. You will have to repeat this every day for about a month, in order to get the upper hand. The raspberries will often grow new foliage to replace what was damaged by insects.

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