Apple disease/damage ID

creekweb(6,7)July 11, 2013

This is on Winesap. Have noticed it for the past month or so. Not on my other apples and only on the shadier side of the tree. The damage extends down about 1/8 inch into the apple.

I'd been assuming it's scab, but usually scab presents differently without the pronounced dimpling and with a larger necrotic brown center and with more grouping of the affected areas. Also, the leaves on the tree are pretty clean and it was sprayed a couple of times around bloom with myclobutanil.

Too early for apple maggot. Stink bug unlikely. Don't know anything about campylomma.

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Codling moth? Those would be stings, just cosmetic damage.

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Bird damage on young fruit? I have something similar, and I tentatively attribute it to birds as it was too early for CM. Seems to be only surface deep, but creates the dimple as the fruit grows.

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Don't think codling moth because I don't have the typical signs of infestation in any of my other fruit.
Don't think bird damage because the actual injury to the apple skin is so small - little more than pinpoint.
The more I look at the damage, which I see is associated with dwarfing and distortion of the fruit, the more I think it is caused by campylomma, which I'll take up in a different thread.

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Perhaps Brooks Spot? Stayman Winesap is susceptible.

Here is a link that might be useful: brooks spot on apple

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I've seen similar type damage on my apples but had attributed it to scab either resistant to fungicide or surviving poor spray coverage. What's most noteworthy about the fungus associated with Brooks spot is it's resistance to sterol inhibitors so it would be present despite myclobutanil application. Proper coverage to include Brook's spot would then require multiple fungicides which would help also by preventing selection of resistant strains.

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I would say the damage is from tarnished plant bug injury or one of his buddies in the stink bug family. The damage was probably done when the apple was much smaller, but I guess you have already figured that out

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Tarnished plant bug damage looks to be most like the damage in the photo. Seems like that's a tricky one to control with sprays required right around bloom period - something I've been avoiding. I know that some of the commercially available insecticides are allowed during bloom, but I don't know of any generally available ones that have low enough toxicity to bees to be used during bloom.

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