bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)July 10, 2013

Do you have any pictures of your thrip damage especially on new growth? Thrips are what was giving you issues right?

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Yes and yes. Give me a few min. At work right now and will have to dig up some pics on Photo bucket and post.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Thanks. Nope that is not it, damn. I have no leaf issues just something chewing at the new stems sometimes to the point they fall over. They are kind of doing the pinching for me but not really the point. I don't see any bugs though at all...well did fine one small beetle that I can't seem to identify. Been googling bug pics for an hour.

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Just came across this thread. I grow southern highbush blueberries in the Tampa Bay area of FL. I have always had to battle chilli thrips. Until this year, I didn't know what was attacking my plants. But now, I have things pretty much under control with Spinosad.

I saw a post a while ago from blueboy where you said you were going to spray kaolin clay. How did that work?

I got some kaolin powder and am ready to spray. What was your mix ratio. Does this work as a preventative for the thrips?

Pretty much everyone I know in this area who grows blueberries has to deal with this nasty buggers.

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M5, I'm sure it does help but I only made one application of Surround about 4 weeks ago. We have had a few rain showers since and it needs to be sprayed again but I've been to busy. I cant remember the ratio of mix but I just followed the instructions. I think it was one cup surround to one gallon of water. A few things I noticed here. The only variety I have that got decent coverage was Snowchaser. The reason being is that variety has very small hairs all over the leafs and allowed it to stick and not run right off. Some of the slicker waxier varieties like Emerald or Misty had very poor coverage. I believe a few drops of liquid dish soap would help it spread out and stick to the leafs better. Just water and surround beads up bad on most varieties. All that being said I haven't a problem with thrips at all this year for some reason. I did just notice in the last week alittle bit of thrip damage on a young sweetcrisp. This is the time of year I have gotten the worst damage so I hope this isn't the beginning of a infestation.

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