Peach Trees Bleeding Sap

happyhummerJuly 11, 2013


I have a number of peach, nectarine and apricot trees that I have planted from pot to outside this year. They vary from 1 - 3 years old.

I noticed last month on of them died completely, all of the leaves turned brown. I didnâÂÂt notice till today that the tree was also oozing sap all over the place.

IâÂÂve now looked at the other trees and 8 have the same symptoms, oozing sap and the leaves starting to die.

The oozing looks like small worms of clear sap, when I remove the sap there is a small pin prick where the sap came from.

I have looked at the base of the trees and cannot see any sign of borers. So any ideas what this could be.

One possible issue and I am not sure is that I irrigate from a bore hole and for a couple of months the water went very saline, approx. 12 grams per litre which is HIGH. This has since cleared and the saline reading is back to normal.



PS: I am in Cyprus and normally these trees grow like mad ;-)

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If you're sure it isn't borers, then it looks like a case of Gumosis, but that usually occurs on older trees. If it is Gumosis, there's no real cure for it. Gumosis is a fungal infection that occurs, when the trees are under some kind of stress. Some peach varieties are more resistant than others. Winblo is one of them. I don't grow apricots, so I can't help you there.

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I would ask the people who grow the apricots successfully, exactly what they do. Do they spray fungicides and insecticides?

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You might get better advice from gardeners in Cyprus or the general Mediterranean area - maybe there are some others who have seen this or there are some pests unique to that area (athough just about every other foriegn fruit disease or pest has made it here already).
Good luck with this!

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