Elderberry 'Black Lace' a good producer?

paul_(z5 MI)July 8, 2013

My sis is considering getting a couple of these for the bed running along the back of her house -- east facing, full sun from 8 or 9am to noon or so, zone 5.

She likes the look of 'Black Lace' foliage and the thought of blooms and berries. Curious, however, as to whether it is a good producer or would she be lucky to even see a berry or two. (I know there can be a BIG difference between what vendors say can be expected, and reality.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I can't really answer your question, as I just planted one this sprimg. It is a beautful plant, and growing well. I also really love the two variegated cultivars which i also bought, and are growing. All very pretty plants for sure.

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I have grown Black Lace for several years and have observed considerable fruit, however I find it smaller and perhaps not quite as good as named cultivars grown for fruit rather than ornamental value. As an ornamental it is excellent for full sun locations with the dark foliage and really hot pink fragrant flowers. Given a good spot, they get big fast, and need some pruning to keep them looking their best. In shade, Black Lace loses it's beautiful black color, gets straggly and blooms less. I have not observed much fall color on this variety.

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