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ltiltonJuly 13, 2013

A message here on another topic got me thinking about staking trees. I've never done a permanent stake and none of my "anonymous dwarf" trees have ever needed it. But I suspect the one on Bud 9 will, and maybe one or two others.

But when I look at my older trees, it occurs to me that if I had put in a permanent stake while they were young, the trunks would have by now grown over the stake.

What am I missing?

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For my apple trees on m7, I used galvanized water pipe for staking. The trunk didn't grow over the pipe but some of the branches rubbed it and were disfigured. The downside with using the galvanized pipe is that it is sharp at the top after pounding it into the ground and will cut the tree. Eventually, some the trees on m7 grew strong enough not to need support. I pulled the pipes out and filled the holes with sand. You can buy heavy fiberglass stakes but they can't be recycled when you are done. In summary, it is hard to surpass galvanized pipe from the junkyard for use in staking.

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