Blueberries stopped ripening mid season?

homey_birdJuly 1, 2012


I have grown these blueberry plants in a large pot for more than 6 years now. Lately, for past couple of seasons I noticed that the container soil began to show some lack of nutrients, most notably iron, that made the plants suffer.

Anyway - I bought iron in liquid form and immediately after saw the plants put out active growth. I applied a second application (both at half the recommended strength to avoid overdosing), and now I found that there is plenty of vegetative growth but all pre-existing blueberries have kind of stopped ripening.

Typically, this time of the year is peak production time for them and now I see lots of plump berries getting plumper but not turning blue.

Should I be patient or is this a well known issue with excess iron application?

Thanks in advance!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance of posting pictures?

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I don't know about the iron, but I do know my blueberries stop ripening once the heat hits. Whatever stage they are in--green, blue---they just stop, and that's it for the rest of the year.

Carla in Sac

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Really Carla?That sounds odd to me.What varieties? Brady

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Just wanted to post an update for my question earlier.

My blueberries did look like they were not ripening but they did continue a healthy growth. It's just that the berries were not turning color, they were just putting on bigger size. This went on for a month or so, and finally now I am seeing lots of blue ripe berries on the plants.

So my guess is this: due to iron deficiency my plants pretty much stunted and went into hibernation. When I applied iron, they did begin growth like sleeping beauty awakening from her sleep :-). In all, between the time that symptoms occurred and corrective action taken, there was a a lapse of one month that shifted the whole cycle by a month or so.

So this has been an important lesson for me : I've seen this on multiple occasions with even established blueberries: they basically sulk when things go wrong. If no action taken then they begin the slow decline to death. For young plants this is a faster process but even for established plants it is important to keep watch on their progress.

Thanks all for the pointers!

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I have two plants that got about half way to blue and then stopped, no idea why. I finally harvested the berries because they were starting to shrink and fall off.

The plants look totally healthy and are growing great, no idea what happened.


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Hi Riverman, your experience is interesting. Could it be that the berries stop ripening due to season change? All in all, blueberries are a strange lot indeed!

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I had a powder blue do that this year and Im pretty sure it was from lack of chill hours. We had a very warm winter and I hope thats not going to be the new norm!

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