Can some identify this peach tree

DoomSickleJuly 1, 2013

Attached is an image of a peach tree that I had for over 2 years now. It always was a great tree, red leaves with some flowers every spring, the flowers are double flowers. But this past spring, it bloomed with so much flower that I started to worry. And now my worry was right. The tree is dying. The leaves have withered and most of the leaves has dried up and blown off by the wind. Its all branches. There are couple of tiny peaches here and there. So here is a picture before it became like it is today. I will keep the tree for another year, hopefully it will come back next year, but if not I would like to replace it. Can someone identify the peach tree that is in the pic? Thanks

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A few things you asked...1. nobody can tell you the variety of peach that is (unless they bought it). 2. The amount of flowers did not kill your tree. 3. Make sure you water that tree slow/deep so the roots are soaked. Maybe it dried out. Try to save it now....not next Spring. Hard to diagnose without more info. goodluck

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It's probably either a Double Jewel peach or a flowering peach.

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