Darrow Blues

yawineyJuly 27, 2013

Do the Darrows get fall colors this early? Or could they be having problems? My other varieties all have some reddening, but on the others there is still mostly green.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Cool evenings? I saw that on my elliotts. I wouldn't worry too much since we're approaching september. I don't see your zone, 1st freeze date, so not sure if they could handle a new flush of growth or not.

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alan haigh

How's your cropping on Darrow? Wasn't worth growing for me- seems it's extraordinary flavor is tied to so many leaves producing so little fruit.

No idea why leaves would be turning so early- not something I've noticed on mine.

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1st year so don't know about the cropping. Hopefully not too little. I noticed my Misty and Chandler also putting on some fall colors. I hope that's all it is and am wondering if it could be a ph problem.

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alan haigh

Did you get the pH in the right range and is soil light and well drained?

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Soil is Azeala acid mix with compost, extra peat moss and some of the native clay loam. i amended with cottonseed meal and put some soil sulfur in to bring the overall ph down. On top is mulched with fir and pine bark. My water ph is 6.8. Soil ph meter broke. When I checked originally it was high, that's why i added sulfur and cottonseed meal.

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alan haigh

And your confident you didn't use too much sulfur? Real easy to go overboard with potted plants.

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I went pretty heavy with the sulfur Like a small handful to each gallon of soil around the plant. uh oh. I didn't think i could overdue it. They are in the ground though.

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alan haigh

Handful per gallon of soil might well have dropped the pH too far down and that would explain coloration. Better do another pH check.

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sulfur is very slow acting, this looks more like dehydration than a PH issue

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alan haigh

MoleX, I don't think we have the info of how long ago sulfur was applied. Do you know how long it would take for sulfur to affect the plants if an entire handful per gallon of "soil" was added? I don't have a clue. Don't even know what was the pH starting point, but the indication is it is a lot more acidic amendments than actual soil.

I think your suggestion is astute though, and certainly as good a theory as any given the info we have to work with.

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