First Pristine Apple

mrsg47(7)July 23, 2012

Wow. Found my first Pristine apple on the ground today, bag and all. Not a blemish, sweet, tart and oh so juicy. The rest are finally coming right along. There is still a bit of green on them, but not much. Being used to store bought apples, I never knew an apple right off of the tree could have so much juice. In apple heaven in RI! And by the way, sprayed Captan for flyspeck and Sooty blotch right on the tree with bagged apples. Not one sign of either! Mrs. G

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Yeah, good for you. Enjoy!!!!

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Thanks denninmi, I'll take picks when I start picking them next week. Oh yum! Mrs. G

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

You are reading my mind- picks was what I was about to ask for. I love that they've made it a much quicker process now to add a pic.

Make sure you don't delay too long- I remember a comment about a narrow window for Pristine from Harvestman.

Of course, Axel_sc also said that it is a good keeper (6 weeks) for such an early apple. So if you get them at the right point, you should be able to finish all 60 at just 10 apples per week. That rate would be no problem for me, but I might get tired of just one kind after a while.

I'm not sure at what point you need to pick it, but maybe someone on here will have some hints. Were the seeds dark/black, white, or somewhere in between?

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For keeping, the earlier the pick, the longer the keep.

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I like them a little early just as they're starting to turn yellow, as they're crispier then. The full yellow ones are often good too but sometimes a bit mealy and somewhat less tart.

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Congrats on your first apple. Growing one's own apples is rewarding and you don't require a Honeycrisp to get a juicy crunchy apple. I'm glad to hear Pristine is a tasty earlier variety. It sounds like they ripen in August here.

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Pristine has been on my maybe list for next spring. It would be nice to have something early. This may just push it on to my YES list.

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