Already fruit on raspberry primocanes?

lovemyfruit(9)July 7, 2013

This is my second year with my Caroline raspberries, and the tops of the primocanes are already loaded with fruit. I don't remember this happening until mid/late August last year. Is this normal? Could it have to do with the fact that due to my own inexperience, they didn't grow well last year (3-4 ft tall), but have done extremely well this year (6-7 ft tall)?

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I couldn't begin to really know what the "normal" season is in a climate so different from mine, but here, they generally start to bud up in early August, just as the last fruits of the summer crop ripen, and generally can pick the first ripe fall fruits around Labor Day, with the crop peaking around the Equinox to about Oct. 1st.

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Find someone in your area who successfully raises this luscious berry! Do you have a USDA extension office? Sometimes, they can refer you to a master gardener who can share info.

The precocious behavior of many fruits seems countrywide. My priomocane red rasp also bloomed weeks ahead of schedule. I pruned the top 6 " off all of them and now the new laterals are full of blossoms. ( I usually do this pruning anyway, just not in the month of June)! You might try this on 1/4th of your patch and record the differences as to length of production, amt. etc.

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