Peach tree help

sean2280(5)July 28, 2014

Can anyone ID this issue with my O'Henry Peach? It seems to be the only one out of my 11 that is doing this. Could it be lack of water? Lack of Zinc?

I'm at a little of a loss... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Possible rust mites

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Would that cause the leaves to curl like that?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It's not zinc. I've seen a little of that many yrs and it's way different. The leaves are smaller, somewhat chlorotic, and bunched together at branch tips.

I've got some that look similar but am not concerned. I don't think you should be either.

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That's the way a tree starts to look, when it's being
girdled by borers. Check for them.

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What do any of you think about lack of P?? The funny thing is I did a search on it and one of the pictures from the website looked just like it, yet it is planned in a 4-1 and none of the other 3 trees are having this issue.. out of they are its not that pronounced...

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I've had that on some trees. Rayrose has the right general direction, something is stalling the nutrients. I don't think its a lack of a chemical its more a lack of flow. It looks like growth stalled as well. Check thoroughly for borers. Throw a bunch of compost around the base after that, just to change the game a bit and maybe pull it out of its rut.


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I have an Indian Blood Clingstone for three years and this year 80% of the leaves are like that.
They started out open and now are closed.
The tree was girdled by a ground squirrel a few days ago and it went pretty deep.
The tree is probably going to die but I hope to see a death reaction, such as the leaves opening before they die.

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alcedo 4/5 W Europe

Potassium deficiency :

Leaf rolling and pale color = potassium deficiency

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That's what I was thinking... pretty weird how only one of the 4 trees in the hole has it. But yep, when I started to do some digging that's what I thought. I checked for borers and found zero evidence above or below the soil. Would any of you think kelp meal would do the trick? I'm trying to stay pretty organic.. but if anyone has another answer that may help better by all means let me know. I have local access to both kelp and bone meal, but have been using kelp meal as part of my feeding regimen.

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alan haigh

Potassium is easy to get organically. Woodchips are loaded with it (and also physically improve access to it) and fire wood ashes provide it very quickly if your soil isn't too alkaline. I'm sure kelp is loaded with it also, but is also probably relatively high in N. I'm sure you can find specific information about the nutrients in kelp on the internet with a quick search.

I fertilize my fruit trees with my own urine which is quite high in both N and K.

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