Strawberries need help

mommomsgarden(6/Jersey Girl!)July 8, 2013

Here's a picture of my strawberries do you think they need to be moved? I planted them about two months ago

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They look healthy enough. Why do you want to move them?

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mommomsgarden(6/Jersey Girl!)

Well number one they don't look like the are growing or they are growing very slowly. Number 2 there are huge sunflowers growing right next to them...I'm a beginner at this!

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Looks like they might have too much shade?

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Or you could pull the sunflowers.

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mommomsgarden(6/Jersey Girl!)

That was around 630/7pm. They get plenty of sun. I want the sunflowers to flower though!

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HeyJude2012(10b/24 San Diego)

Hello! I am only a second year gardener so I don't know a whole lot but I keep coming back to this post and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. I love strawberries and they are my favorite thing to grow so to see your little plant there not thriving, it made me want to post. :)

When I look at your pictures, what I see is that it looks like two skyscrapers on either side of a little country cottage. The lone holdout in a city. Now I don't know the timeline of a sunflower in relation to when you planted your strawberry but it seems to me that if you have two very fast growing plants next to a small little plant, the faster growing ones will suck up all the nutrients and the roots will crowd out your strawberry. Sunflowers needs big anchoring roots since they get tall and don't want to keel over with their heavy flowers and seeds.

When I see the closeup of your strawberry, it looks like the soil is not very rich and loose. Hard to tell from a photo but that's what it looks like to me. All those little rocks in there...I've seen that kind of dirt before. Things will grow but it's not the best soil for growing food.

IMHO, you have three options. You can dig up your strawberry and take a chance you will kill it by moving it. You can cut the sunflowers down at the bottom of the stalks and miss out on your sunflower flowers, or you can leave everything the way it is and hope the sunflowers don't kill your strawberry plant.

After two months, your strawberry should have some baby leaves coming up the center. And the stems look very long and stringy to me. I don't know what variety of strawberry you have there. Some have soft leaves and longer stems and some have firm leaves with shorter stems. I have quite a few varieties and they are all more bushy looking so there is something not quite right with your growing conditions.

I have mine in pots. I used organic potting soil with a palm/ citrus mix and some compost. They get lots of sun and I water pretty much every day. In this picture, the top plants look a little funny. I had a critter coming in the middle of the night to snack on my plant leaves. This is a Sequioa strawberry. Firm leaves, good producer and puts out runners that I pot up. Wish you lived close...I'd give you some! :)))

Good luck! Jude

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