tooooo much rain

thomis(7)July 2, 2013

This year marks my first significant harvest for my five year old orchard. Of my 30 apple trees, 26 are fruiting.
We've received more than 10" of rain for June and raining today and forecast for the next few days. What challenges should I expect to face from this kind of excess rain?
I would think the random bitter pit problem that has showed up in my orchard may be increased.
Also, if I wanted to spray for bitter pit and sooty blotch, flyspeck, etc. could I use the same fungicide I sprayed for CAR (Rally 40 WSP)?

On the side, I grafted some scion wood to some of my dwarf trees and just got to taste my first Red Astrachan apple. It was large, big as a grapefruit and beautiful. Very tart, juicy and slightly firm, which is not typical of my other summer apples. I was so impressed, I will be planting several Red Astrachan trees on bud9 this November on my trellis.

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The rain, fog and mist seems to be the theme of this summer so far. It is too much, but is still raining on and off this week in RI. It is close to being the wettest spring and summer in history. That is a lot of rain. I use Captan.

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I dunno--would you rather have it 109 degrees and overcast? I have had to spend 2 hours every morning and evening watering for over a week now. I'll be happy to trade our Sacramento weather for a few days of rain.
Carla in Sac

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Carla. we've had three months of this without living in the lovely countryside of England. LOL Mrs. G

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no, I would NOT like to be watering the trees ;)
For sure.
Either feast or famine, so to speak, isn't it?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Carla seems to be having a bad year, sorry Carla!!!!. Loss of the cots and all I guess. But CA weather is vastly better than NE for fruit. If it rained in CA for a week right now like it is out East it would be a total disaster for the CA fruit industry.

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