What is wrong with my plum?

ack01July 21, 2013

I bought a scarlet beauty plum last year and it was growing fast! winter comes and the plum goes dormant as expected spring comes the buds brake and it leafs out and flowers fine. after the bud broke nothing else has happened in months! the plum has not grown at all. I have used 10-10-10 twice now no effect. The plum just started to grow a few new leafs but they are light green almost yellow with dark green veins. Anyone have any ideas?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Could it be a herbicide issue, roundup or a broadleaf weed killer? Possibly winter injury. Where do you live and how cold last winter? Too much fertilizer?

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Where are you? What zone? In ground or in a pot? Which rootstock? How often do you water?

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I am in 9b It is growing in the ground. No idea what root stock I have. When it is not rainy season I water 2 to three times a week(very sandy soil) this time of year it rains every day I am not watering. I could look into Iron but I am pretty sure my soil has a high amount of iron. I dug a shallow well a few years back. the water table is at 7 feet deep. the water I pump out is so full of iron it will start to rust if you leave it in a cup for a few days. of course that does not mean I have iron in the first two feet.

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