Champagne/ Corinth Grapes

mrsg47(7)July 29, 2014

Hi all, I am wondering if any of you have grown these tiny grapes. They are the grapes the 'raisin' people make 'Zante' Currants; a total misnomer.

AKA 'champagne' grapes are fun to look at and very sweet. Would like to try growing them. As if I need another grape vine? Mrs. G

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Scott? Fruitnut? xxoo Mrs. G

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Mrs G, Zante is vinifera which is too much work for me in my climate. I would recommend you try Petite Jewel, its a hybrid grape that is small and supposedly very good. I was growing it but the plant died before I could try the fruits. I think Fedco was selling it at some point. Its not Zante but will be about as close as you can get in your climate I would say.

Note the word "currant" for ribes comes from "Corinth" - the currants were named after the grape, not the other way around. These small grapes were grown in Zante/Corinth in Greece a verrry long time ago.


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Thank you so much Scott. Can the grapes be grown in Calif? Mrs. G

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Yes, they are grown there. I have heard they are very hard to grow outside California or similar climate, much harder than other vinifera.


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