How to ripen Flame Grapes?

homey_birdJuly 9, 2013

I have two Flame Grapevines and both are producing. The problem I have is that within a cluster, grapes are ripening at different rates. At any time I have half a dozen ripe juicy grapes but the rest look green! Should I just harvest and let them ripen on the shelf or is there a trick to it?

Thanks in advance!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Sounds to me like you may be jumping the gun. All or most of the berries should turn red before harvest. Here is what mine look like at harvest. What I don't like about mine is that I should have trimmed off the skinny lower half of each cluster. That way I could have left more clusters with more uniform fruit. The fruit on the cluster tip of many grapes has inferior quality, less sweet and often less color. Notice on the left cluster some of the lower grapes are smaller and lighter color. Well I just tried eating those and they were seriously inferior to the berries up top.

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Could it be shatter? Incomplete pollination can cause grapes in clusters to grow in odd sizes; not all uniform or close to uniform.

Fruitnut what kind of grapes are those besides beautiful!!!

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OMG! Those grapes are beautiful!! Mine are hardly that deep color but hopefully next year. Thanks for the tip. I will also thin clusters next year.

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