Fruit Tree Spraying Question

awesometastic1July 24, 2012

So I'm a complete nube that planted a variety of fruit trees in my back yard this spring (all 3-5 years old, bare-root) and they were all doing fantastic, but I recently started seeing some issues with the leaves on my apple and pear trees with the leaves curling and eventually turning yellow/black and falling off and what not.

In the beginning, I thought it was just from them being over watered (it literally rained for about 1 1/2 months straight, nearly every day here randomly and despite it being May and June it was quite cold out; Western Washington this year had weird weather). I noticed a lot of trees in my area seemed not able to decide weather it was fall or spring/summer. But once the leaves started turning black, despite it being ridiculously sunny most of July, I figured there must be some other problem. So I went down to the store and bought a general purpose all-in-one fruit tree spray.

So here's my stupid question. On the instructions it says "spray in 7-14 day schedule until the problem disappears". So am I to read that as "spray once a day for 7-14 days until the problem disappears" or "spray once every 7-14 days until the problem disappears"?

Right now I've kind of gone with the half way between the two approach, spraying the trees three times in two weeks, which I figured was OK, because in the middle it rained really hard for a few days, presumably washing away the spray on the leaves. I have seen some good results too from spraying so far. But now that it's back to being sunny, I figured I should ask here before accidentally damaging my trees from over spraying or under-spraying them and allowing the disease or insect or whatever to continue to harm them.

Also any other spraying or other tips for fruit trees would be much appreciated.

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Do NOT spray once a day!

The instructions mean to spray every 7-14 days. But don't do that, either. The stuff in that all-in-one spray may not address your problem and may cause additional problems.

First, find out what's really wrong.

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Ok here's a gallery of the leaves on three apples and one pear: (click on the pics to zoom in closer)

The trees seem to be doing overall much better since I sprayed them (before they had many black leaves that have now fallen off and most of the new and remaining leaves are showing less and less sign of a problem).

But anyways, any idea what's actually causing the problem?

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