Japanese Beetles and PHI

ltiltonJuly 16, 2013

It's harvest season for my plums starting now, and of course there are JBs on the trees, plums being one of their favorite targets. And every effective insecticide seems to have a PHI of at least 7 days.

I can see that the effectiveness of my earlier spray is wearing off.

What do people do, who grow plums in JB territory?

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alan haigh

I think Sevin has a PHI of about 1 day for fruits and vegies.

I just wait until after harvest because they usually don't go after older leaves so trees can wait a bit. Your situation might be different, of course.

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JBs seem to have extremely varying habits. I've seen them excavating holes on the ripe plums. If they'd stick to the leaves in reasonable amounts, that'd be different. They prefer the highest leaves that I'm going to prune away soon.

Sevin, I have read, would need to reapplied every 3 days or so to be really effective.

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