There are bugs on my raspberries

theitalian3721(5)July 25, 2010

I am brand new at raspberry gardening, so I'm going to ask a question that may seem simple but is confounding me because I have no idea what the bug is called. My Heritage raspberries have been attacked by a larger black beetle looking bug, sort of a boxy shape, that is eating the leaves of every plant. What sort of bug is this and what is the best method to not only erradicate it but also prevent it?

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I'm not sure what the beetle is, but the "soapy cup of death" works with any insect that you can catch and immerse. Just fill a plastic cup halfway with warm water, and add a few shots of hand soap or dish detergent. The idea is to flick the insect off the leaf, and into the cup below. Once in the soup, they can't get out, and they die in a few seconds.

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shasta_2008(5 NE Ohio)

I'll bet it's the japenese beatle, I don't like them at all!!

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