table grape thinning?'s

windfall_rob(vt4)July 1, 2013

We have several vines that have matured to where we are getting good fruit set.

What are the guidelines folks use for thinning the crop appropriately?

A quick search show 1 cluster per shoot...sound reasonable?

I see reference to both cluster thinning and berry thinning...pros and cons?

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I think it depends a lot on variety and environment. If I were you I would let them go with whatever they produce, given they were properly spur or cane pruned prior to this years growing season. If you havent been pruning them while dormant, you WILL need to remove a lot of fruit if you want anything to develop at all. Adjust how you do it next year based upon what you get this fall. Might need to do a combination of cluster and berry thinning to get optimal results.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

How do you plan to do berry thinning, gibberellic acid? I've tried that once or twice. Have also used it after thinning to size up the berries. But it's not something I want to bother with again.

I thin to one cluster per shoot. But as Derek states it depends on how many buds/shoots you left to fruit.

I've never felt I over cropped young vines but I'm pretty conservative on crop load. In a cold climate over cropping could come back to bit you in the form of winter injury or otherwise.

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