Will you folks help me identify these blackberries?

NilaJones(7b)July 26, 2013

I thought it would be impossible, but then I saw what you guys can do, and I started to have hope :).

I will tell you everything I know that seems potentially useful.

The first one (on yellow shingled wall) is the best-tasting, and the last to ripen. It is also the one that STILL has made no canes for next year.

The second one (yellow leaves, blue kids' pool) is normally extremely vigorous and productive, but is sad right now because its in a temporary pot. (Yes, I watered it after photo.) It makes a ton of berries, bland in part shade but pretty tasty in full sun. It is mainly clumping with some suckering.

The third one does more suckering, is very vigorous and productive too, and tastes great when grown in part shade. It might be the first to ripen, not sure.

I think they are all from the native american names group.

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide :).

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I'm no expert at IDing blackberries. But, if some/all are really from the Arkansas program (the native American names) that narrows things down and I may have a hint.

Three years ago I planted an Apache (1999 release from Arkansas), but later surrounded it with Triple Crown (1998 USDA release) starts. At this point, it is hard, but not impossible to tell which one is which. I've found a trick to tell the fruit apart visually. In the below picture, Apache is on the left and Triple Crown is on the right. The Apache has small stems supporting the druplet, while the TC doesn't show any.

You may also be able to tell from flavor, but it is much more subjective. Both berries are quite large. While both are sweet, the flavor of TC was better and richer than Apache.

I just took a look at a few Ouachita (2006 from Arkansas) and it had the smallest hint of the stems, but very little, so in that respect, it is closer to TC. It also has smaller berries and blander/milder flavor than the other two.

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Thank you, Bob!!

The picture was a huge help, because I didn't know until I saw it what you were talking about :).

Looks like have one variety without the little stems, and two with.

I thiiiiink my varieties are TC, Apache and Navajo. So the one without the little stems is probably TC. And Navajo ripens later, so maybe that's that :).

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