Chandler blueberries

sharppa(6)July 4, 2012

Does anyone have a chandler blueberry and can comment on the flavor? I have seven varieties in my initial planting and I really like the chandler one. It has a nice tangy flavor to it compared to the others. I'd plant some more but want some confirmation that I have the right variety.

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I have a couple and would say they have a mild flavor and a good flavor. They are not my favorite but they are good. If you want a "tangy flavor" try Reka or Elliot.


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franktank232(z5 WI)

Very good berry...probably ranks near the top out of my bushes (although I've only tried a handful of types). Its huge... I killed my bush this year (stupid mistake) and plan on adding another.

I also really like Northland.

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I have two Chandler's,they are supposed to be the biggest Blueberry.But I like Darrow more,it has a tarter and better flavor,in my opinion and it gets just about as big. Brady

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Thanks all. Looking back at my notes, I think the bush is a Chandler. A bit tangy/tart and different than the others and store bought. It was bare root when I planted it four years ago but has caught up to the potted ones I got at local nurseries. As luck would have it, I planted 5 more (among 25 I planted this spring) and just forgot about the exact varieties.

It's good to keep notes!

I have a Reka and Elliot to try in a few years. No Darrow yet. I have a Herbert that has never thrived and looks like I killed it this year with the dry weather.

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Like Brady, Darrow is my fav of all of them for flavor. Unfortunately out of my 25 plants my Darrow is doing the worst!


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I have duke, blue crisp, and chandler blueberries. The chandler berries are twice as big as the blueberries from the other two varieties. They are larger than any I'v bought in a grocery store. Hopefully you can use berry size to confirm that your blueberries are chandler.

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alan haigh

Here in southeastern NY the single Darrow plant I've tried and planted over 20 years ago has always been healthy but is not productive enough to be worth growing. This is the first year it's ever been heavy with fruit. I notice the fruit is not so distinctive now that it has a real crop.

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alan haigh

I should mention that my Darrow does not have large berries but definitely produces a very nice and exceptionally intensely flavored berry. I can never be sure if it is truly Darrow because, as I said, I only ordered one.

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