Waterlogged Fruit trees

HGFzone8July 26, 2013

It has rained down here for 24 of the last 30 days leaving my peach, cherry, and apples in waterlogged soil for a couple of weeks. The water is receding now.
The Morello and North Star cherry tree has lost all of its leafs and the Morello has dead branches albeit the North star still has green branches. half the peach trees have large amounts of leafs are turning yellow and dropping them. The two year old apple trees have a few yellow leafs. The mature apple trees still look good.
What do you think the chances of them living?

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They may leaf out again. This happened to one of my trees when it was waterlogged in the spring.

The real danger is that they may leaf out too late, so the tender growth gets hit by freezing weather.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd suggest starting over by planting on mounds at least 18 inches high. Even if your trees survive this bout they won't last long in those conditions.

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Depends a lot on whether those conditions are an anomaly or a regular occurence. Moving the trees now wouldn't help them, so starting over would involve new trees, not saving the existing ones.

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Thanks for the thoughts. It hasn't happened this way for about 25 years. I have my fingers crossed they will leaf back out.

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You have time. If they don't leaf back out, you'll know you have to replace them either this fall or next spring, on higher ground. If they do, you can decide whether to take the chance with them or not.

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