How to save grapes from bursting on vines?

homey_birdJuly 26, 2012


I am a newbie to grapevines. I've had grapevines for a few years now, although this year is the first time my Flame Seedless has been fruiting.

I am awaiting grape harvest, while the grapes on my vine change color from green to purple/red, however, I also find that a lot of them in the cluster burst (possibly due to heat) and shrivel up.

I would eat them as raisins if it came to that, but I am still interested in eating juicy grapes if I can! Is this a common issue and what can be done to save those grapes?

Also while on this topic, I see grapes ripening unevenly. Some are ready and ripe while some are still very much green. Again, is this normal? When I look at commercial vineyards, I see that all grapes look same there a secret to this?

A disclosure I owe is that I have not pruned my vines last year (I know how to and that I should but last year could not do so due to some life events happening during that time).

Thanks in advance!!

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A number of fruits will split if water gets on the fruit when ripening. Is this the case with your grapes?

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It could be; although I have watered the vine very sparingly. This would be one aspect I would be more careful about the next time I water them.

I also read up on eHow that underwatering is a cause too. If so, then what is the proper watering schedule? I do not see my vines stressed without water, in fact they've been growing like crazy (vegetative growth) while growing fruits.
Also, for good flavor, I thought it's better to not water them abundantly.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Powdery mildew causes grapes to split also.

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Water the ground only regardless of schedule. Repeated wetting/drying of foliage/fruit can promote mildew.

Do the commercial vineyards use overhead watering?

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