leaf curling aphids on plum - really want to avoid this again

Campanula UK Z8July 24, 2012

I have been having a torrid time with my fruit trees this year (weird awful weather, loads of viruses about on my allotment). Apart from the dread peach leaf curl (finally given up but there are compensations such as being finally able to add an almond without cross pollination being an issue), one of my plums were attacked with some nasty beastie which has caused the leaves to shrivel and curl. Although still green(ish), they have looked a sight all summer and I cannot see that this is much good for the long-term health of the plum. I really want to avoid this next year but would be prepared to explore any wacky suggestions before running straight for the insecticides. Of course, I will be pragmatic, to save the tree - and the crop, which was also a bit poor this year, although it is still a young tree.

By the way, a couple of months ago, my little dwarf peach tree literally snapped at the graft union, leaving only a sliver of cambium. Swift intervention and the very good advice on this forum means the tree is thriving, despite the emergency broom handle rammed up its middle.

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Apids hate liq. dish soap. Use only the cheap stuff(no dawn!- no degreaser)1 tsp per gal. of water in a sprayer,not in hot direct sun-try spraying very early morning
Start spraying every 7 days at leaf break. Apids preproduce every 7 days. The soap will kill them, works for roses too. Once you have killed the cycle you can hose off the leaves and they will be clean and pretty. Hope this helps- Arizona PS don't spray the bees

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