Help Identifying trees in new house / Suggestions

bazookadukeJuly 8, 2013

We recently moved into a new house. In the middle of the front lawn there is a group of small trees. It appears, based on my limited knowledge that some of them are apple trees, and one is a cherry. I found a picture of this house from about 2 years ago, and it had a very small apple tree in the same spot bearing some decent looking apples. I'm thinking someone wanted this other tree (what I'm guessing is a cherry) instead of the apple, but didn't remove enough of the tree. thus the multiple trees in a single location. I was hoping I could get these trees Identified, if possible, and what to do about keeping the trees. I live in the Boise Area of Idaho.

the wife and I both want cherry trees in the long run. But we are poor and probably can't buy any trees for a few seasons.

So looking for advice / identification if possible.
For the pictures please see:
Drop Box Link

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