blueberries leaf issue - red tinged

nightrun86July 17, 2013

fellow gardenwebbers!

i need your help! i have no idea what to do about my poor blueberries. they're struggling to keep going on, and i cannot tell if this is due to mites, hot summers (90ðf+), pH or what.

i've read that ideal soil pH for blueberries is acidic, between 4.5-5.5 is ideal. i've been taking readings and some places get down to 5.8, but most are ~7.0 (my meter is an electronic tester).

to correct this, i've used aluminum sulphate to drop the ph -- supposedly it could take a week to see the change in the surrounding affected soil. i water these blueberries once a night, or every other night. i've applied alaska fish fertilizer to them approximately 4 weeks ago and have observed very little change.

tldr: what does this leaf discoloration tell you folks?

lastly -- my appologies for not being able to zoom in further on leaf discoloration, using smartphone cam digital zoom loses detail.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

They look fried.....too dry or too much fertilizer. First thing is keep them moist hour dry is an hour too much. Second stop putting crap on them. Third STOP PUTTING CRAP ON THEM. :)

If the PH is off that will show up overtime but it won't kill them quickly and is easy to reverse. Trying to fix them by adding more and more chemicals will kill them quickly. First thing is water them very very well to try to flush them out. Second throw away that aluminum sulfate and slap whoever told you to use it.

What did you use to amend the soil? What is your soil like? When did you plant them? If it was recently that is part of the problem as well. Summer is just not the right time to put them in the ground.

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soil ammendment:

planted: early march (they were completely healthy then)

i'll water twice daily in the peak of summer i suppose, even though i watered last nite the soil was pretty dry today. i was afraid to keep them too moist as supposedly root rot is another issue to watch out for.

no more aluminum sulphate, rgr. but then how do i bring down soil ph to ideal range?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Well you can use pelleted sulfur to bring it down but the stuff works slowly. You can use vinegar for a temp fix or you can use sulfuric acid. If your mix is good and acidic it is best if you just use rainwater for irrigation as that solves the PH problem. Right now your plant is super stressed so you will have to baby it.....

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