barren creeping raspberry

tfiks(7)July 30, 2012

I have some well-established creeping/groundcover orange raspberry plants(Rubus calycinoides, I'm pretty sure) that won't bear. They get plenty of sun, blossom well, attract bees, and produce nothing except one or two very underdeveloped berries every year. Any suggestions?

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A discussion of this is here.

Fruiting and foliage varies among specific varieties. Our second-year plant has fruit in heavy shade and a parking strip of the stuff 5 blocks away has a gallon of berries easily.

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Thanks, I guess I'll have to take some pictures. I read the other series of postings, which answered little but piqued my curiosity about fruiting.

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The gist of the discussion was that certain varietals of the creeping raspberry are fruitful, while others are mostly foliage plants. There is nothing you can do to promote fruiting if you have the non-fruiting variety, regardless of the latin name on the plant tag that indicates the correct species.

The foliage will appear nearly identical among the different varieties.

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