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plethora87July 24, 2012


What's the consensus nowadays on keeping ants off of trees? I know Tanglefoot can trap them but I'm wondering more about what to put between the tree and the Tanglefoot, particularly this time of year when it's humid out -- I just tried some foam tape (for flexibility) and it trapped too much moisture against the trunk.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Here's how Alex Silber of Papaya Tree nursery does it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ant Control w/Tanglefoot video

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Thanks, good video.

They're in California -- Has anyone tried this in a humid climate?

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Put diatomaceous earth in a small band around the base of the trunk.

If problem is too much for one band put two. Works for me.

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Wrapping a ring of 1" wide masking tape on a smooth area of the trunk with the sticky side facing sure cheap and easy. The rings can be replaced after they are full of bugs or when the stickiness has diminished.

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I am surprised no one has suggested spraying the tree with oil to control the aphids and scale that are creating the "honey dew" which is attracting the ants to the tree. Al

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