Italian Plum tree and weather

mrsg47(7)July 14, 2013

Due to all of the rain, humidity and fog, I have my first two plums that have brown rot. EGAD!!! Never say never. The tree is loaded with plums (the size of a very large olives) They are starting to turn color so the netting goes on tomorrow am.

Now we have a prediction of 70% humidity and 87 degrees all week long. The only trees that love this weather are my citrus.

My first Caroline raspberries were picked an eaten immediately this early afternoon. I netted my blackberries. The birds really don't seem to care much about my Carolines.

Hot day here in Newport, but I still put up my first 9 pints of seedless blackcurrant jam.

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Made a typo, our humidity for the week is between 93-97%. ugh

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Sorry to hear about the brown rot. We are getting the same weather here. How do you remove seeds from your currants? I'm about ready to make raspberry jam, this year a small batch from wild raspberries I foraged this weekend. My domestic raspberries I plan on making fruit leather. I need to use them in a way that uses less sugar. Making leather I don't have to add any sugar if I want. I usually add a little bit. I'm going to have so many I will be cooking with raspberries for a long time! The summer crop is near over, but the fall crop is right around the corner.

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I use a 'food mill'. I have three. The best one I have is my Eurodib. It is a hand turn operation. A bowl with a handle etc.

If you're really going to use it I suggest this one, my favorite
Eurodib (S3) - Semi-Professional Food Mill

it will remove all seeds and leave you only with fruit pulp and juice. Mrs. G

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Thanks MrsG47. A simple fine strainer works for raspberries or blackberries, is easy and not messy, but currant seeds are too small.

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Currant seeds are bigger than raspberry seeds.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"Currant seeds are bigger than raspberry seeds."

I guess I better get some new eye glasses! Red currant? Really? I don't have any black currants. OK, well I guess my strainer can work! It does keep some of the pulp out, I still want the mill. I never really compared size, The currant seeds never bothered me, but the raspberry seeds do. Maybe just because you have a lot more of them. So it made me think currant seed was smaller.
I would actually like to do something with the seed. Both currant and raspberry seeds are really good for you! I guess I could make oil, but I have no idea how to do that!?

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