broken young dwarf apple salvagable?

oldryderJuly 16, 2012

managed to snag a 1-1/2 year old dwarf apple with my trailer, broke it off right at the graft. about 1/2 the bark was still intact.

I staked it up and taped the break with grafting tape.

any chance it'll actually survive? up until yesterday it was a very healthy tree that I was looking forward to gettting fruit from next year.

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If it has a vascular connection, hasn't wilted, it is possible it could repair itself enough to survive. Leave it taped for now, support it with the stake, and see what happens. Long term, if it lives, you will need to keep it permanently staked, IMHO, because it will always be very weak at the break. But many of the very dwarfing root stocks make very weak trees that need staking, anyway, so that's probably not a big deal.

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