Cherry variety

mrsg47(7)July 13, 2013

Surefire pie cherry/Gisela 5 Anyone growing this sour cherry? It is as great as is sounds? thanks, Mrs. G

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I have 1, 2nd or 3rd leaf. Got 3 cherries off it this year. They were good, and I like red fleshed cherries. Obviously a small (micro) sample.
I don't think anyone is saying they are the best tasting cherry, but that they are a good cherry with fairly predictable crops for much of the northeast.
Although touted as late blooming, mine bloomed with the bulk of the others (mesabi, Jubilium, montmorency). But bloom on lots of stuff this year was screwy timing.

Hopefully someone with a few more seaons in your region wil chime in.

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Thanks. At this point in my orchard I also like the idea of Gisela5. So after three years three cherries? You're right, my climate is far more mild than yours, perhaps my temps, would bring out the precocity of the cherry? Just don't know. thanks, Mrs. G

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Sorry, Mine is not g5 , it g7...I thought you were asking about the cultivar not the combo

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