John's Fruit update for 2012

john_in_scJuly 5, 2012

Hey all.

I wanted to share my Fruit update results for the year...


Stella and Black Tartarain. Got 1 cherry each one. They weren't particularly good. Going to give them 1 more year.


Methley: The first fruit are terrible, watery, bland juice bags. Later fruit off the same tree were decent with tangy skin and sweet fruit. This tree is a ROT and Insect magnate... but it bears a TON of fruit reliably.

Purple leaf American: Reliable, great for jelly. Not particularly disease or insect attractive.... Once they are 100.00000% ripe - they taste pretty good, but are still kinda tangy... Anything less than 100.0000000% ripe and they are inedible out of hand... but great in jelly none-the-less....

Myroblan rootstock: Lots of flowers, no plums.

Krymsk 86 rootstock: Even more flowers, no peach/plums.


Elberta: Not really an Elberta, but a reasonable disease resistant yellow peach. NO flowers or fruit this year from no winter.

Red Haven: Excellent as always. My favorite peach. Did well against disease and insects. Got 2.5 gallons of jelly out of a 3 year old tree!

Sugar Queen Supersweet peach: Bland, subacid, 13 brix yellow peach. This is an INTENSE Rot and Insect magnet that is worthless for eating. Cutting it down this fall.

Dug up on the side of the road Feral peach: TBD. Full of small, green fruit that are still inedible.. No bugs or rot. Will know more around End of September/October...


All of them died including the Hunza I loved from borers. Planted one I can't remember this year - too small for fruit.


Esophus Spitzenberg - HAMMERED by fire blight even though I sprayed with fungicide several times. It might pull through, but it's getting cut down and replaced this fall.

Yates: Resisted the Fire Blight Assault of 2012. Looking good so far.

Horse: Resisted the Fire Blight Assault of 2012. Looking good so far.

Ashmead's Kernel: Resisted the Fireblight assault of 2012. Got hit by CAR, but doing good none-the-less.


Violette de Bordeaux - dies back to the ground every year here... Gotta figure out how to protect it from freezing back so hard... Worth it if it lives.

Black mission - Doing well. Gonna get figs this year. Figs tasted great last year.

LSU purple - Doing well. Gonna get figs this year. Figs tasted mediocre last year. Gonna get cut down if they aren't any better than last year.


Pakistan. Ate 1 mulberry again this year. Not impressed. Might keep the tree around for lumber and wildlife forage... Will decide next year. I want to try a Nigra next year.


All A1 Great... Without exception - every one is a winner here!


Lots of vine, little fruit. Need to see what I am doing wrong.

Fuzzy Kiwi:

Still no fruit in year #3.


Still have a while to go.


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Isn't zone 7 cold for nigra? Keep us posted if you get one.

I planted a Silk Hope, think it is rubra, that was developing a dozen or so berries and looking really healthy. A bonus was that the deer ignored too... up until a week or so ago when they ate pretty much all of the leaves. Interestingly they spared some of the immature fruit.

Hopefully now that it is protected I'll still get to taste one of two of the fruit this year.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Murky my deer think like your deer. They left my new mulberry completely alone, so I stopped spraying Deer Out on it. Then a few days ago they stripped off every single leaf on the thing. I have found that one munch like that the tree will recover from, but if it gets another munch it could be dead.

John thanks for the report. I would give your cherries several more years, one fruit is almost worse than none since its hard to get a good specimen that way. The picking time is almost always off. What did your Hunza apricot do for you? I never got enough fruit off of mine so I topworked them this spring. The few fruits I got were very good, but they were small and not really any better tasting than my gold standard cot, Tomcot.


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The Hunza was delicious from what I got...
It didn't set a whole lot of flowers - and so I didn't get much fruit... but the fruit I got were worth it to me....

I was really disappointed when it died.... It made it 1 year longer than any other Apricot I have owned (3-years instead of 2)... but Apricots are just too delicious to borers and other pests to fool with around here... Gonna plant some more peaches and other things in it's place...


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