Plum problem...

colonel_kernelJuly 22, 2014

Hello everyone. I hope all is well! I've been experiencing quite a lot of rain and last Friday we had flash flooding in my area. Finally got a break yesterday and today!

I've noticed that my methley plums new growth isn't looking so hot and some of leaves are yellowing. When I planted it, it immediately started growing like crazy. After a month I noticed the leaves had holes like the shot hole. I'm not sure if that's what it was, but I picked off the holy leaves and tipped the branches that were getting too long. Anyways, today it looks like the picture below. Yellowing, spotting, burnt tips. I tried to take some good pics, but this new iPhone camera isn't great on outdoor stuff.

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Another pic. Fuzzy, was having issues with my phone. You can kinda make out the burnt looking tips.

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And my cot-n-candy...

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You don't show what zone you're in, so its hard to give you advice. The pics don't look all that bad to me, but I would definitely enlarge the weed free zone to at least 6'
in diameter. In my area, Methley is not a very good plum, and if you lived in my zone, I'd advise you to replace it with a better variety.

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I'm in 9a on the Texas gulf coast. I plan on adding a couple more plums, nectarines too. Plums, I was thinking of Santa Rosa, maybe gulf ruby. Weather is always changing in my area and humidity is usually always 100%.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You'll have to expect some blemishes on fruit trees, so far, I wouldn't worry about,..looking good!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

First year trees commonly look a bit out of it, they have not gotten their nutrient flow going quite right yet.


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Thanks for the encouragement!

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Replace it with the SR and maybe get AU Rubrum or GR.
Black ruby is a good plum too. But get rid of the methley.

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rayrose: is there anywhere you feel that Methley is good? I have 2 of them here...nice sized healthy trees, but only one of them fruits and only tiny grape sized fruit, millions of them. It was an arborday tree, so it may very well not even be Methley. I'm either taking it out this winter or grafting it over to something else. I'll post a photo of it here tomorrow so you and fruitnut can advise me on what to do with it. It's 95 degrees and 100% humidity here I'll get a photo in the am.
Maybe I'll remove it...I still have the image of Fruitnut's nectarines burning in my mind. Forget the cultivar...the photo he showed with the "sugar dots". Damn...I even like that term "sugar dots".

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I'm gonna see what mine will de before replacing it. It's growing pretty vigorously, but I'm thinking it's only the rain that has it looking kinda sad. I was thinking of adding a Santa Rosa because it's a pollinator for so many subs.
Fruitnuts nectarines do look beautiful. I'm going to make a place for a couple of them too.

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Methley does not do well in the south. Although it grows and blooms well, it sets very little fruit and is a poor pollinator. The fruit is also very mediocre. I wasted 5 years on mine, before I took it out. If you already have one, I would top graft the whole tree. There are too many far better plums

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