Ortho Once and Done not available?

alan haighJuly 17, 2012

I've told two customers that they can easily find Ortho Once and Done, Triazide, at many sources including Lowes and Home Depot but they've been unable to locate any. It hasn't been pulled from the market, has it? I searched for sources on-line and there wasn't much there.

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It's not Ortho, it's Spectracide. Could that be the problem?

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alan haigh

Oh, I thought ortho manufactured it. That would be the problem, thanks.

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The full name is Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once and Done Concentrate. It is available in quarts and a hose-end RTU spray bottle.

I was able to stock up this spring at Ace Hardware -- it was $1.99 a quart after rebate, limit 4. Four for next year asleep in my basement.

Here is a link that might be useful: This stuff -- it's great!

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Anyone in Wisconsin using this product? Since I have Imidan I do not need it. However, I thought I might just try it next year on a few of my trees and see how it performs compared to Imidan.

On my last visit to Fleet Farm I searched and they did not have it. I recall other posts saying Home Depot. The Home Depot near me had it in the bottles for hose attachment only but no quart bottles of concentrate.

Perhaps Home Depo's in Wisconsin do not offer it this way?
I presume it would be cheaper to buy the concentrate and mix it in my own sprayer than to mess with their hose attachment bottles.

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I get the local Ace Hardware to order it.

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I haven't really compared the concentrate vs the ready to use in terms of total coverage or amount of AI, but they're both pretty cheap, generally under $10. Check out Wal-mart if there is one near you, they generally stock both and usually have about the best price on it, generally about a dollar cheaper than HD.

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alan haigh

Several of the orchards I manage are being sprayed with Asana, a commercial pyrethroid that would probably provide similar results as triazide. We've been using it for a couple of years and the orchards sprayed with it have been as well protected as those with Imidan as far as plum curculio is concerned. The pyrethroids do a better job on stinkbugs and other plant bugs.

Imidan may be better in commercial settings for PC but in home orchards the pyrethroids appear to be fine. We are using it in a basic 2-spray (not counting delayed dormant oil) here although E. plums often seem to need a third insecticide spray to avoid a lot of PC damage at some sites no matter what you use.

For home orchards, I don't think Imidan is at all the ticket. Much too messy to make small batches.

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