Actinidia cuttings rooted...from the wrong end

grow_darnitJuly 22, 2013

Hi! I have a couple of questions and I really hope someone with more experience with rooting actinidia can help me out.

4 week ago I trimmed a branch of my actinidia kolomikta and decided to try my hand at rooting some cuttings. Some were in plastic ziplock bags, some under a big glass jar, a couple in a cup of water, and some in a plastic bottle cut in half and taped back together. I would open them and spray with water once or twice a day and they also had some bottom heat for the first two weeks.
The results are in! Some of the cuttings rotted - they were way too thin and the medium was probably too wet. Some are doing fine and started sprouting new growth lately.
Here's my questions: when is it ok to open them up and expose them to drier air? Do I need to do that gradually? Any tricks to it? When to repot? After babying them for 4 weeks I'd hate to kill them now!
My second question is a bit unusual: today I noticed a root on one of my cuttings that's sprouting right next to the new leaf. That's good 2-3 inches above the soil! I guess I overdid it with spraying?
Here's what it looks like:

What do I do with it now? The second cutting in the same pot is not as advanced and I am a little hesitant to disturb the roots and try to replant this weird one. Should I just let it be and see what happens? Should I assume it has roots under the soil level too? Here's the setup for it:

What do you think? I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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just becaue of the high humidity. I think you can cut the larger leaves of and bury that cuttin to that root.

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I've seen rooting like that above the soil line with my issai kiwi cuttings also. If you gently tug on the cutting and feel any resistance you likely have roots below also. If there are no roots below you could take it out and repot it carefully so that root is in potting mix. That root is pretty small and fragile though you might want to let it grow a bit before trying that.

As for when to expose them to dry air do it gradually. you will have to use something different than the jar to do that. Maybe a clear plastic bag tied tightly then each day or 2 open it a bit to get it acclimated to dryer air. Good luck!


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Thank you for your help! How do you know it's ready to be exposed? I tugged on the cuttings and they seem to be sitting pretty tight. The other cutting has a bud that's just beginning to show green, no real leaves yet, I am assuming I should wait with that one. I am leaning toward leaving them for another week and then trying to repot and then gradually getting them used to dryer outside air. Or should they get acclimated to the air before I repot? Thanks!

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