Herb Robert repells deer?

fruitgrower_gardener(7a/7b)July 6, 2013

I have read about a plant that repells deer , it is a type of wild geranium known as HERB ROBERT , it probably does not repell them very well or more would be said about it , but I would like to get some anyway does anyone have this seed for trade?

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Posting on Weeds, Wildlife, Herb, etc., forums may get more responses about seeds for this pretty weed.

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Geranium robertianum spreads like crazy by seed, smells horrible imo and I am very dubious it will repel any wildlife. It is a very common native here and we have a deer population explosion. Maybe you are confusing a plant which deer tend not to browse with one which actively repels them? I would be very wary of introducing it without further research. A quick Google reveals it is listed as invasive in some States, including Oregon, Larry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Herb Robert in Oregon.

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...and the other forums suggested would likely make that their main focus for responses. I'm not going to be planting any.

Sources that state the deer repellant properties also state the plant may absorb power line radiation. Such a versatile herb would surely repel Bigfoot also.

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