Blueberry: Weak growth and reddish leaves

GhadamesJuly 27, 2014

New growth on my blueberry plants look somewhat weak and have light green and reddish leaves. The leaves on the old branches are nice and green, but it seems to take a lot of time for the new leaves to get dark green. The ph is somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5. I've been water them with sulphuric acid (ph around 5) every other day to lower the ph, a cup or two.

I have one blueberry plant that is planted in a soil made up of peat moss, pine mulch and perlite. pH is somewhat lower, but the plant is growing just fine. Very few red spots.
"MasterGardeners" recommendation (

Exactly what is the problem? What does it need?

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That seems fairly normal to me. Brady

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New long canes grown from the crown have light green/red leaves as shown in the picture, almost all the leaves. Is that normal? The new canes from the plant that is growing in peat, pine mulch and perlite have green healthy leaves.

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It could be particular to the variety.What is the common name?
The way I'm thinking is,if the leaves are eventually turning green and healthy,then yay! Brady

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Top Hat and Northland. The one that's doing super well is blueberry chippewa. It was a little baby, but it has grown nicely. I don't really know if they're greening up. If they are, they are definitely taking a lot of time.

I absolutely love blueberries, but they're such a hassle and difficult to grow.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

IMHO they should not be red at all. That is when you know you got it right. The first leaf pictured (upper left), to me looks like to me like over watering. New plants take a bit for the roots to establish and are sensitive to overwatering. Try adding a little more time between waterings. They do not look bad, and we all have problem children. I have one that seems to be more sensitive to extremes. I have yet to get it completely non red. So it's not that bad at all. Keep doing what you are doing with the acid and soil, good job.

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I have Peach Sorbets with the same question. This one was potted almost a month ago. It's been hot here in Maryland lately. They were wilting a few days ago but after a fair amount of water they sprung back I'm wondering why the pink hue. Overwatered? I'm also assuming the white stuff on the leaves is mildew or mold.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

My new growth color ranges anywhere from pink to light green. I've seen normal new growth on mine that looks exactly like yours. Wait a few weeks and see what happens. Frankly, my early spring new growth can take as much as 6-8 weeks to arrive at it's dark green normal mid-summer look.

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