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peachymomo(Ca 8)July 14, 2013

I started growing fruit five years ago when my Mom got a house with a large and sunny yard. There were several fruit trees already there, a few of which I had to remove, but the Weeping Santa Rosa plum and the Pink Pearl Apple are definite winners in my book and both are bearing well this year. The first tree I planted was the Babcock peach (5 years ago,) and we're getting our first harvest this year. Most of the other trees are 3 or 4 years old, and are giving their first fruits too. I've learned a lot, this forum and it's helpful knowledgeable folks have helped immensely, but I know there is still a lot left for me to learn. I have a list of things I would do differently next time and trees I would like to have someday, but I'm happy with the results I've gotten from my work so far.

Santa Rosa Plum

Pink Pearl Apple

Babcock Peach - The first fruit tree I planted, before I'd done any research on good varieties or anything. Nevertheless, I have to say a homegrown peach of any kind beats a store bought peach any day. I'm in heaven eating peaches and cream for dessert every night.

Elephant Heart Plum - I can't wait to eat these, it's been years and years since I've had a good one.

D'anjou Red Pear - I got my first two fruits this year, four years after planting is pretty precocious for a European pear, isn't it?

Rio Oso Gem Peach - a lot of these peaches are oddly shaped and/or lopsided, is that normal for this variety?

Flavor Grenade Pluot - Third year for this tree, I'm excited to taste my first fruits.

Flavor King Pluot- Another three year old, only four fruits on this one, I hope no more drop off.

Thornberry Apple- A baby I got as a bench graft four years ago, it has two little apples that I probably shouldn't leave on but I'm going to anyway.

Vanessa Grape - The prettiest if not the best tasting of my grapes. It's getting color first, most of the rest are all green and therefore hard to tell apart in the pictures.

Thanks for all your help and advice everyone, and have a peachy day!

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Peachy! Wow! It all looks fantastic. I must say, growing in California is a totally different beast than the East Coast growing. All of your trees and fruits and leaves look so healthy. Great job! Mrs. G

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