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floramakros(Earth CA 9)July 1, 2013

Hi, there's an unusual fruiting bush/tree that a neighbor had in a backyard I recently visited during a housewarming party. They don't know what it is and I don't either. ;-) If anyone knows it will be one of you, I'll give you all the info I observed plus what the previous resident told them.

The weather here is hot and dry all summer, cold and wet (but no snow) in winter if that helps you. OK, it's about 10ft. tall and covered with green narrow downcurving leaves similar to a peach or nectarine tree. The weird thing is the leaves don't last very long at all, at this point the tree only has yellowing leaves on the last 6 inches of each branch tip. All the rest are brown and dried ready to fall. This has nothing to do with the heatwave they told me, it always drops its leaves this early each year. If it wasn't for the growing fruit you'd think it was dead.

On a few random branch tips a brown leafless stem about 6 in. long sticks straight up. At the end of this stem is a cluster of green fruits. I only counted maybe 4-6 per cluster but I'm not sure. They will grow into medium sized green "flattened egg-shaped" fruits but they don't remember anything else they were told about them. I'm probably more curious about it than they are, LOL, but I gotta know, all info is appreciated, thanks!.

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you wouldn't happen to have a picture, would you?

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Sounds maybe like cherry. Is the bark a shiny reddish-brown with little white stripes? My tree lost its leaves pretty early last year, I think in August. I think this is because the fruiting cycle ends for cherries in July, or earlier if you have hot weather like in California.

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I'm thinking maybe Persimmon or something in the Annonaceae family,but it's totally guessing.
Yes,a picture will most likely be helpful. Brady

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floramakros(Earth CA 9)

Hi, it's not a cherry, the growing green fruits are already larger than any cherry I've seen. Also cherries don't all grow together at the tip of a single upright stem, cherries have individual hanging stems. This looks like some exotic that grows in very dry natural conditions, possibly a fig, does this description resemble any fig species? All the local cherries, nectarines and peaches stil have branches full of dark green leaves that will be around for months to come, this tree always loses its leaves by the end of June. It might not be a commonly grown fruit tree even for this area which seems to have every citrus and other fruit tree species that could possibly survive in this climate (which is a lot as long as you water them). Everyone please read my detailed opening description and think about possible exotics, one more thing, the person remembers being told when the fruit is ripe it turns brownish and they look like a bunch of flattened potatoes stuck to a stick! This has to ring a bell with somebody, it's just too unusual not to be readily recognizable. If you have any questions I'll try my best to help, guessing is free, at least if you give me species to look up I'll instantly be able to tell if it's the same tree. Thanks.

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))


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