Aphids only?

kbk00July 8, 2014

I've been having some trouble on some newly grafted shoots. Can someone comment on the leaf I've attached? Is it typical of an aphid issue? I've seen what I think are wooly aphids on my rootstock and grafts.

I'm concerned that there's something else going on since one of the grafts I have died quickly a couple of weeks ago and has just been followed up by a couple of rootstocks in the last few days.


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This is an apple leaf btw. My problem spans several types of apples, though.

On a side note, any thoughts on picture number two? Doesn't look to be the same issue but having problems validating. CAR?

Thanks for helping a noob!

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Several of the others on this site should be able to tell you exactly what the problem is. I also deal with aphids but the damage doesn't look like yours. I'm in my small orchard daily with a small spray bottle of water with a small amount of dawn mixed in. This one thing has almost eliminated my serious aphid damage. Good luck, Bill

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Anyone else with thoughts? I'd hate to be wrong and find my rootstocks all dead from whatever is harming them.

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alan haigh

Aphids are pretty easy to see, usually no magnification needed. Trees with aphids are usually tended by ants and most species of aphids congregate on and damage mostly newly emerging leaves.

The two leaves seem to be suffering from different issues that I cannot identify from the photos. The second could just be from sprinklers that turn on in full sun.

Is the soil well drained- moist not soppy?

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I have seen aphids on the undersides of my leaves so my assumption is that I have an aphid problem. I'm trying to deal with that now. My issue is that I lost two new P2 rootstock starts already and only have two more. I was hoping to correctly identify the complete issue (aphid damage plus CAR or ?) so I don't lose this year and have to start over next year. My searching for classic aphid damage has surprisingly been hard to find online to compare with my leaves.

Milwaukee has been wet this year but there is no sprinkler that is near the tree stooling bed or my mature grafted apple that I see damage on as well. I haven't yet had to water. The soil is well draining with zero ponding or puddling.

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alan haigh

The only aphid likely to kill trees is the wooly apple aphid which is real easy to identify by its cotton-like excretions. They are common in the northeast, but I've never seen them create any real problems here, and I manage thousands of trees on scores of sites.

Apple trees are usually hardy if environmental conditions are right and very few problems are likely to arise that would stop them from surviving besides drought or drowning- most sprays are to protect fruit. You should take some leaf samples to your cooperative extension. There might even be something toxic in your soil.

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