Mealy apples

Jami32July 30, 2014

We have a yellow apple tree on our property. I don't know how old it is. The previous house that was here was over 100 years old. It is a very large tree and every year we have been here (3years) it has produced very large mealy apples. Very nasty!! Is there any way to fix this problem? Do we need to cut it back? Any info would be helpful. We also have a pear tree that produces nasty fruit. Would it need trimmed back also to start fresh? Thank you.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Possibly overripe,..pick early and see if you like it, same with pear. Otherwise, I would cut it back heavy next spring and graft onto the new shoots the following year.

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Mealiness is often a result of over ripening, and the summer apples and pears ripen very quickly indeed in the summer heat. By all means pick them well before they start to drop on their own.

Trimming back might be useful, but it needs to be done right. Lots of pruners and trimmers won't know how to make your fruit trees behave, and the ones that do may well be tied up working for professionals. Ask around, learn all you can yourselves, and check back here.

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Learn when your apples are getting ripe by picking a sample fruit, tasting it, and checking the color of the seeds. Apple seeds turn from white to brown as the fruit ripens. If your fruit is mealy, you'll probably want to pick and eat it fairly early.

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you don't say if they have ripened this season or not. I hope not. the earlier the apple the lower the quality. They are basically good for apple sauce only, in my view. But ut us awesome to have apple sauce year round.

If on the tree pick some every week and make notes, you need to pin down the ripening date. It will be about the same each year.

Pears are tricky. you need to pick and let ripen the last 2 weeks in the house. so same thing, start early and keep a journal. Pear sauce is awesome too. So is pear and apple mixed.

If these are both just sause trees, learn to graft and do some make over work on them. lots of great pears and apple to be found. People here will send you pieces to graft on.

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Sounds like Lodi, or possibly the Perrine Giant strain of Yellow Transparent (YT is one parent of Lodi) - very early season apples - there's about a 15 minute window of opportunity when they're at their peak of crispness and tartness - then they turn yellow and mealy.
Mainly for little kids' eating, and making applesauce. But, back in the day...if you'd been all winter with no fresh fruit, only dried apples, you were probably glad to have SOMETHING to eat.

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Yes, they are ready. A lot of them have fallen to the ground already. The deer love them. One year a neighbor picked a bunch of them and made apple butter. I will try to pick some earlier next year and see if they are any better. Thank you for all of the responses.

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Falling to the ground is a sure sign they were ready earlier. Make a note of the date, then start sampling several weeks earlier.

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