Large Larvae found in side the Rasberry fruit.

mehauser1July 4, 2013

Raspberry fruit being invaded.
On July 4th, we found a large larvae inside some of the fruit. Along with this, we have found on the fruit some small egg bunches and on other fruit a fairly firm 1/2 silver shell on some the other fruit but could not find anything underneath. We live in NW Washington.

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A raspberry is a small object, so by definition, the larva inside could not be "large". Fruit flies have been rampant in the region for several years and their larva can be found in many berries. Those larva can be 1/8 inch long and may look large for the size of a berry.

Fruit fly larva can be coaxed out of berries by putting the fruit in the fridge or in the freezer for some hours and then the larva can be removed with a toothpick.

The egg bunches could have been laid by stink bugs, and I don't know what a firm 1/2 silver shell is, perhaps you could re-word that.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Please post some pictures.

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HappyBallz(9A/B Valrico,Florida)

With exception of the things that look like mini-centipedes(no idea what they are) I really don't care about consuming bugs in my boysen/rasp/blackberries long as I don't get any parasites I count it as extra free protein :)

Do you spray any insecticides? I was thinking about it but I don't want to kill beneficial pollinators since flowers don't come-up all at the same time.

Any pictures?

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Wow, you guys really eat berries with bugs in them and berries that you pulled bugs out of? Idk if maybe I'm a sissy, but that seems crazy.

I drop the bug infested berries and hope the birds and squirrels eat those instead of the good ones on the plant.

I gave some old guy/neighbor a strawberry a couple days ago and noticed a big bug hole in it as I handed it to him and mentioned it, and he gladly accepted it anyways and then sucked the larva out of the hole and into his mouth and spit it out, then ate the berry. I thought it was hilarious. and gross. and completely unnecessary as I had a couple pounds of clean berries that he was welcome to.

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Dropping infested fruit can be the worst thing to do, especially in the case of fruit flies; it just breeds more flies.

Now you have a new source of larva-berry disposal! Or maybe he was showing off and it was a 1-time deal.

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