Peach Trees and fertilizers

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)July 16, 2013

What fertilizers are y'all using for container peaches. I have a tropic snow that seems to be stalled out. It hasn't put in any more growth since the spring flush and its in a 30 gallon pot. I've been using Micro Life fert but I also have Ammonium sulfate, Aluminum sulfate, and Citrus Avacado fert that I could use. It does seem to be a little N2 deficient as the the mature interior leafs are lighter shade of green while the newer leafs are dark green. Would the one teaspoon Ammonium sulfate in 2 1/2 gallons of water be appropriate here?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Yes I've used that often with good results. They need way more frequent fertilizer in pots than in ground. If you want to push growth on a peach fertilize the same as you would a blueberry.

I'd not use the aluminum sulfate on anything. And depending on your media ammonium sulfate could drop the pH lower than ideal for a peach.

I've also used the controlled release type fertilizers in conjunction with a water soluable type. One or two applications a year of controlled and once a week to once a month water soluable depending on how they are growing.

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Thanks Fruitnut

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


What made you grow it in a pot? Is your soil there a problem? I can tell you my peach trees love the AS. I am a peach newbie but I read somewhere that when the tree is making new leaves but yellowing the older leaves it is a N deficit?

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Bam, just ran out of room in my back yard at this point. I have a Rio Red Grape fruit that has been struggling for a while now and I may pull it and replace it with the peach. Ive read the same thing about N2 deficit and it applies to blueberries as well. I potted up a Spring High this past spring and my mix had alittle too much wood in the mix, I was in a rush! Same symptoms, yellowing mature interior leafs. Alittle extra micro life was all she needed! The peach doesnt seem to respond as well to slow release organic ferts. I guess chem fert is the way to go with potted peaches.

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