Holes in Strawberry Leaves

KendraSchmidtJuly 19, 2012

I've noticed that several of my strawberry plants have holes in the leaves. These particular plants don't seem to bear fruit, or it may be my imagination. Does anyone know what is causing these holes and how I can stop whatever it is? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

My junebearing strawberry leaves look like swiss cheese this year. Probably bugs. I just don't worry about it too much. Probably could spray them with an insecticide and/or a fungicide.

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I have the same problem in the spring. Look under the leafs and you will find some gray/brown catapillers are probably the culprit. Not much to worry about. Strawberry plants renew there leafs all the time and the catapillers dont last very long.

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Okay, I'll check the underside of the leaves. Thanks everyone for the helpful feedback.

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