Keeping apples on the tree during growing season

Scoot2199July 27, 2014

I have an apple tree that my Grandfather grafted about 40 some years ago. I think one of the trees he used was called Early Yellow Harvest. My Mom thinks me other part of the graft was was Striped Astrigen. The problem is, the apples never stay on the tree through the growing season. Once they begin to grow, they start falling off all summer long. They don't stay on the tree to grow and ripen. Is there anything I can do to keep the apples on the tree until they are ready to be picked? I haven't pruned the tree and also need to deal with worms/insects in the fruit. I know when I tackle the worm/insect issue next year I want to keep it all natural. It's just very frustrating because there is so much fruit in the tree this year but it's falling off before it's ripened. Any ideas what's to do?

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Fruits will often drop when infested with pests. That's the first thing I'd try - getting rid of the pests. And thinning the fruit, because the tree will try to do it for you if you dont.

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I agree. and keep reading this forum for how to do those things correctly

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There are several very knowledgeable posters on this site. You may not be able to salvage this years crop but the following year you might achieve your goal. Posting pictures is always good. Sorry but I'm not one of the people that is very knowledgeable. I'm improving by reading other posted problems and I am improving as you can, if you have the desire to stay at it. There is no magic bullet. Good luck, Bill

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I never considered the infestation of pests as the cause of the problem but it makes total sense. I figured it was too late for this years crop, hopefully next year will be good and I'm reading up now on when and how to treat the tree.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Coddling moth will knock most apples off tree where they are severe. Down here they aren't bad but we hardly have a winter. In most cold winter climates in USA they are bad. They have worms in fruit and frass on the outside.

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