help ID raspberry disease. pictures included

babdav(5)July 14, 2012

I have the same 2 problems on 6 different raspberry varieties across my entire yard. Please help me identify the condition.

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I don't know what the fruit problem is. Did the berries form that way or are they mostly eaten or were they stuck hard to the cap and were difficult to pick off?

Also, Japanese beetles are being blamed for much on this forum recently.

or-Some caterpillars are eating the leaves, probably at night.

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Thanks for the input larry. the berries seemed to start to form normally.
1. there are areas where the leaves are green and large but chewed to pieces. i have noticed many more grasshoppers this year compared to normal.

2. there are arease of leaves as pictured that are smaller and very dry and brown around the edges- the fruit is always shrunken and dried as if a flame had been placed below each fruit.

3. lastly, in other sections- the fruit looks as if it is perfect, except for one small section has a few druplets that are dried and white.

i have checked extension websites on pests but everything sounds the same and there are no pictures to help with identification.
********i would love input from any of you with raspberry experience. thank you very much.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Look for info about raspberry root rot.

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could this be root rot?? i water them much less than last year AND it is much drier. I drip irrigate them. does this look like raspberry root rot to you?

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Have you gently brushed back the mulch to see if the ground is uniformly moist and that the roots are still vigorous? Sometime drip irrigation doesn't moisten all the roots so it is possible that the branch that dried up wasn't getting water. Just a thought. :)

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I looked at root rot and I cant imagine this could be it. the soil is mostly dry on the top 1". we have horrible hot wind and the patches get plenty of ventilation. My primocaines have no dark rotton look at the base. I intentionally underwater a little to avoid this.

The ground is not uniformly moist in my caroline and heritage patches on the north side of the house. There are x2 the plants this year and less natural rain and I am probably only watering 25% more.
HOWEVER on the west and east side patches my tulameen, polkas and autumn brittons seem to be much more moist but are suffering from the same shriveled berries and crispy or decimated leaves.
Very discouraged. I have watered heavily by hand a couple times this week to see if maybe I am just too dry.
The berries form in small beautiful clusters however at maturity, i would say 70-80% are toast. :(

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