This is a sweet crabapple! Is that possible? Picture

greenhousekendraJuly 22, 2010


so in the middle of the orchard is this tree. It flowered, and now I have tons of red crabapples? - they are sooo sweet! I always thought of crabapples as tart, would you happen to know what crabapple this may be? Fruit is a little larger than a quarter.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Those babies almost look like plums!! Don't know if this is even close but the Whitney crabs I had as a kid were really sweet. That's been a long time ago but they looked something like yours.

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Yes, I had a nice size crabapple fruit x a Whitney Crab apple tree & it was sweet just like a regular apple.

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They do look like plums, but it's what's on the inside that will be the clincher....all you know, I won't go into that....the botanical term "crabapple" refers to any apple that is smaller than 2 inches in diameter at maturity, tart or sweet, and the tree that the fruit originated on; so yes you can have a sweet crabapple, though most crabapples do tend to be on the tart side.

Plum or crabapple, they would probably make an awesome jelly...

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Chestnut crabapples are supposed to be good out of hand, too. Could you post a picture of the inside? And, I'm very glad you found these delicious fruits!


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

There are many what resembles yours....I have a Rescue Crab what
looks like this and sweet.... it's not a Chestnut Crab


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There are quite a few 'edible' crabs - someone, years ago, proposed calling them 'lunchbox' apples, to get away from the undesirable connotation that 'crab' seems to carry.

As others have mentioned, Chestnut crab consistently wins taste test evaluations, and I've seen rave reviews for Wickson crab, as well. Mixed reviews on Whitney - but there is evidently more than one selection circulating in the nursery trade as 'Whitney'; some better than others.
I have Centennial and Kerr (both crosses of the old Russian 'Dolgo', with named apple varieties - Wealthy & Haralson, respectively) bearing heavily right now. Centennial is a very pretty, sweet crab; Kerr a bit smaller and a little more tart, with a slight musky 'wine' undertone.
Dolgo itself - and many of its seedlings - are quite nice to eat out-of-hand, and are great for making crabapple jelly.
'Callaway', an ornamental crab with good disease resistance here in the Southeast, has been a longtime favorite in my family - you can fill your pockets with those tasty little 1-1.5" morsels and munch away to your heart's content. There undoubtably are other ornamental crab varieties that have superb fruit quality, but are ignored or unexplored by the majority of folks who think that all crabs are bitter, exceedingly tart things.

I have a number of the red-fleshed crabs in my collection, though I was warned by a seasoned orchardist that they would be 'crap' here - and he was mostly right, but they do provide a nice red color to jelly or applesauce. 'Almata', however, was very nice this year, though it's a sparse bearer compared to most of the other red-fleshed crabs.

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