Will these apples grow in the south?

NorthGa7A(7b)July 12, 2012

Here is an order I am putting together for Cummins Nursery. I want to try some of the more exotic - flavorful apples.

Does anyone have have any thoughts on if these varieties and rootstocks will work in Georgia with our humidity and heat?

Ashmeads Kernal G-16

Crimson Topaz G-16

Karmijn de Sonneville G16

Pickie Crunch dwarf

Rubinette G-11

Wickson Crab G16

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You'd be better off ordering from a southern orchard like Century Farm Orchards; Wickson Crab it the only one I know will do well. They will all grow and fruit, but the quality will be iffy.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Ashmead seems highly adapted, it should be fine.
I don't know anything about Crimson Topaz.
Karmijn is not a heat lover. I have also had problems getting mine to fruit.
Pixie Crunch I heard is fine for hot climates, but no personal experience yet.
Rubinette has not been consistent for me and I have heard similar complaints from others in hotter climates.
Wickson won't do well if your climate is like mine, it cracks too readily in the big dry - wet transitions we get in the fall. It is also highly susceptible to cedar apple rust.

I agree to look at what good southern orchards are selling, if nothing else as a guide for what to order from Cummins or some other place.


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Might also look at Lawson's in Ball Ground and Johnson's at Ellijay - both respectable, long-established fruit nurseries right there in your 'backyard'. If they're offering it, it should grow there.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

I second Johnson's at Ellijay Link below is a good choice but I don't think any of those listed are offered by them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnson's Nursery

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Thanks for the advise, I have purchased trees Johnson's and Mr. Lawson on several occasions, just looking for a few more varieties that have unique, complex flavor that will work here in the south. Any recommendations?

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I've traveled to a lot of apple growing areas of the country, and King David seems to rise to the top of everyone's list, no matter where it's grown. Its appearance is almost identical to Arkansas Black, but man does it blow it away in flavor. Its worthy of at least one tree in your Southern garden.

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